CheeseBox 1.0 for Photographers and Parents

I have been photographing babies and toddlers for a while now and it has always been a challenge to get and keep their attention.   The get bored quickly and want to move on to other things.  I have tried many things and thought about it for a long time and then an idea came to me.  This idea has been created into an Android app I call CheeseBox.  I created the app with babies and toddlers in mind.  CheeseBox keeps baby’s and toddlers attention better than I had ever dreamed.

You can see it on the Google Play App Market Here.
cheesebox-300The CheeseBox Android app displays colorful faces and or colorful shapes all while playing sound effects that keeps the child interested.  I have tested this app with many babies and toddlers and it has worked everytime.  The app gets their attention immediately when held close to their face.   Once you have their attention, you back away slowly until you have your Android device close to your camera lens.  Snap your photo while they are still looking the the CheeseBox screen.  It’s kind of a 21st century “look at the birdie”.

Of course the baby or toddler will get bored if the app just showed one picture so every time you tilt the Android device from left to right, a new picture is displayed along with a new sound effect.  This keeps the baby or toddler interested and it does work very well.   I’ve even been able to take photos of crying and fussing babies and toddlers who stop crying or fussing as soon as they see and hear CheeseBox.  They will laugh and smile at some of the pictures and that is the time to snap your photo.

CheeseBox will work with just about any Android device, smart phone or tablet.  If your device doesn’t support the tilting action, you can tap the screen for a new picture and sound effect.  You will get a new picture and sound effect for every tap.

I created CheeseBox to be super easy to operate so you can concentrate on getting your photo or portrait.  No fancy or elaborate controls to fiddle with.   You bring up the app, tap “select faces” or tap “select shapes” and it begins.  You tilt the device left or right to get a new photo and sound.  It’s as easy as that.

You can go to the Google app store and see it for yourself

If you have any questions about it, you can ask here or at my website.

CheeseBox is a must for any photographer or parent that regularly takes photos or portraits of babies or toddlers!

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