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Trick Photography And Special Effects – Review

trick-photographyThis has got to be one of the most interesting best seller technique books for photography.  The tricks and methods explained in this book are totally amazing and allows you to create stunning photos from otherwise ordinary plain photos.  You can take your photos to a new level making them a real marketable source of material.

There are many techniques and tricks explained and demonstrated.  Most are pretty easy to implement.  Others involve things you must do when you take the photo.  All are captivating and will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that!”.

The are lots of photos where you would think that you needed to use photoshop to create the effects but they are created other manual ways that most people wouldn’t think of.  The ideas presented are laid out so that just about anyone that can turn on a camera can do the trick or special effect.  It is really surprising how some of these tricks are performed.

Here are some of the special effects or tricks explained below to click here to see the book’s website where you will see all kinds of photographic techniques and tricks..








So you can see some of the techniques you will learn how to do with this.  These are just a few examples of the many photographic tricks and techniques you will learn how to do.

See the book here for more information…