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chili-peppers-really-close-and-personalI see lots of people downloading my photos but I never get any feedback as to if they are what you are looking for.  To help serve up qulaity photos that you need, some feedback would help me give you exactly what you are looking for.

You can leave anonymous comments about the photos and the website at the bottom of this page to let me know what exactly you need and how we are doing.

Is the full size of 2100 px by 1500 px large enough for you?
I actually photograph in a lot larger format (4126px and higher)  but resize to 2100 width to upload to the website.  Is that big enough for everyone?  Do you need larger?

Is there subject matter you need that I’m not supplying?
I usually don’t do models and people do to release forms being required but I do just about everything else.  What are you looking for?

What else would you like to see on this website?

Any information you can give me would be great.  Just leave your comments below.

Thanks for visiting.

9 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Think

  1. I am a teacher at a small private school, and I am also in charge of the school’s yearbook. In looking for some good backgrounds for my pages, I came across your site and am THRILLED to see your beautiful photography. May I use your photos as backgrounds in our book? (In case you need to know more about our school, look us up at We serve kindergarten through 8th grade and currently have 58 students.) I hope you can respond quickly, as I am rushing through building these pages… My deadline for this year’s book is in one week, so it’s getting down to the wire for me! In the hopes that you will approve, I will go ahead and download the images, but I promise that I will not “go to press” without your permission.

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve bookmarked your site so I can return here for more of your images in the future. It’s so kind of you to make your photos available to people like me.

    Since you asked – After downloading your photo (old barn siding), my yearbook’s software told me that it was too small to print at the size it needs to be to use for a background. (It says it can only print up to 13″ by 9″, and the background of my yearbook is about 16″ by 10.5″.) It’s hard to tell on my computer monitor whether the blurriness I see is representative of what the final product will be. I’m going to risk it, anyway, but maybe I’m not the only person out there who would like images to be a big larger. Please don’t go out of your way just for me, though.

    Thank you again!

  3. This photo was a crop from a larger photo. That’s why it was smaller but… I have enlarged and cleaned up a copy large enough for your use. I replaced the original file with the new enlarged version. You may have to hit refresh on your browser the get the new larger version. The file I replaced was old-barn-siding-pattern-background matte wallpaper backdrop. I hope this was the photo you were wanting since there are a few barn siding photos on the site.

    If it was one of the other photos, let me know and I will try and resize one of those for you.

    Doug Puckett

  4. Wow, what a kind thing for you to do!! Actually, the one I wanted was “old-wood-barn-siding-pattern-background matte wallpaper backdrop” – it looks a lot like the wood siding used on the old buildings at our Heritage Syrup Festival: lighter and thinner boards.

    I hadn’t realized you might resize the image, so I didn’t see your email until just now. I will make sure to check it more often, in case you are able to resize the image I’m using!

    Thank you again!

  5. Wow, I can see the difference, even on my ordinary computer monitor. Thank you so much! I will use that one, instead, and I’m sure the resolution will be much better. I’ve been working on this yearbook almost every waking hour for the past two weeks, and it looks like I might actually meet my deadline, Lord willing!

    On a completely different subject: have you ever been told that your profile photo resembles Steve Saint? If you do a Google Image search on him, maybe you’ll see the resemblance. He’s a relatively well-known person, so there are many images of him.

    Again, I am so grateful for your generosity and your willingness to help me in my project!

  6. Like Kimberly, I also appreciate your generosity. Unlike Kimberly, I am not working on a school yearbook. I am working on putting together a fundraising calendar and you have a photo of a speeding sign that would be perfect for this project. I’d be more than willing to provide attribution to you and a preview of the calendar to make sure you’d be willing to have your photo used in this way.

    Thanks in advance for considering this request,

  7. The photos I post to this site are free for anyone to use as they wish. I take a lot of photos of lots of things just for the fun of it. This website is just a way to share my photos with whoever may have a need for them. You are free to use any of the photos on this site for any reason or project, commercial or personal.

    I take the photos of the objects on this site just because I like to or I needed a photo of the object myself for some reason. If they fill a need somewhere for someone, all the better. :)

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