What is the Best Camera to Buy?

What is the best camera to buy?  That’s a very big question and the answer is varied depending on a lot of factors.  In this article, I will try and help you decide what is best for you and you only.  The answer will be different for everyone mostly depending on certain factors.

nikonFirst off, what does your budget dictate as far what you are willing to spend on a camera?  Cameras range greatly in price from below $100.00 to tens of thousands of dollars.

Second, what is your goal for your camera?  Are you just snapping photos of the kids?  Are you wanting to do some amateur photography of landscapes and portraits?  Are you going pro?

With these two questions, you can pretty much set what camera you need.  If you have lots of money to burn, get the best DSLR you can afford.  This will most likely be in the $5,000.00 range and down.  Anything over that and you should be a pro already.  A camera in this range would do anything you needed it to, from snapshots to professional photos.

If you want to do some semi-professional work or are just starting out, you can get a decent DSLR for under $1000 like a Canon Rebel.  This will give you a good degree of professional features while schooling you on how to use a DSLR properly.  You can also use this for snapshots if you want since most DSLRs have fully automated settings you can use for that if needed.

If you are just taking snapshots, you really don’t need a DSLR.  You can get a regular point and shoot camera.  Most of these are $100 to $500.  I’ve seen some really great photos from cameras in the price range of $200 to $300.   They even rivaled some I took with my DSLRs.

If you have any ideas at all that you may want to take landscape or people portraits in the future, go ahead and spring for a DSLR.  Don’t waste your money now and regret it later.  Point and shoots cameras will not have the adjustments or features you will need later for those types of photographs.

Just remember as with all things, you get what you pay for.  You try and go cheap when you want a DSLR and your results may be less than stellar.  Get the best DSLR you can afford if going that route.  You will not get professional results with a point and shoot.  Point and shoot cameras are all setup to take a quick good looking snapshot.  They will have a lot more noise in the photo than a DSLR will but for a snapshot, it really doesn’t matter.

What’s the difference between a cheap camera and a good DSLR camera?  The electronics, the imaging device size, lense quality, speed and a few other things.   A cheap DSLR is not going to have the image quality of a more expensive DSLR due to the image sensor size, even if you use the same exact lense.  It also is not going to be as fast so it may take longer in between photos.  A cheaper DSLR will also have more noise at lower light levels than a more expensive one.

So to wrap this up, if all you are going to do is take snapshots of the kids or grandkids, buy the best point and shoot you can afford because that’s really all you need.  You can spring for a DSLR but you really don’t need one for that purpose.  If you have any ambitions at all of making photography a hobby or going semi-pro or pro, buy the best DSLR you can afford.  That way you can add lenses and options as you go without dropping a fortune on the kitchen sink at once.  Try and get the best DSLR body you can.  A good starting point is a Canon Rebel which sells typically for under $1000 and will get you started.  Later you may wish to step up to the more professional models as your hobby or business progresses.