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USA-american-flag-backgroundPuckettsPages.com is all about giving you some free decent stock photography photos for you to use for your own purposes.  I’m Douglas Puckett and I take photos of just about anything imaginable.  From a blade of grass to buildings to waterfronts to forests, I photograph them all.  I do weddings, senior photos and other life events also.   One thing that comes out of all of this is just this… I love to photograph anything and everything.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  I find art in just about everything.

This all means that every photo in the Free Stock Photo Galleries was photographed and edited by me.  I do not have any photos or images from any other website.  The only other images you may see would be in any ads on the sight.  Other than that, it’s purely my work.  So you can rest assured that as long as you follow my rules below, you won’t be violating anyones copyright rules.

This website is where I will post most of the photos I take where you can get them for free.  There’s nothing like a freebie these days so all of my small to large photos are free of charge for you to use as you need to.  I do have a few rules I would like you to respect if you will that are listed below.  I may from time to time offer full size, full resolution images of some of my photos for a very small price which if available, there will be a link for it on each picture that offers it.

Rules for use of my Free Stock Photos (Terms of Use)…

1. Do not link directly to the photos on my site to include in your website.  Download the photo you want and upload it to your website.  No “hot linking” to my websites photos.

2. If you use my free stock photos, it would be nice to give a link back to my website http://puckettpages.com as the source of your photo.  It doesn’t have to be in any particular page.  Just a page that gets indexed by the search engines if you are using them on a website. But, this is not a requirement to use any of my photos for whatever reason you like at any time. You are free to use them for personal or commercial use, totally free with my complete permission.

3. These photos are actually copyrighted by me.   You can use them for your own use in your commercial projects or personal projects but… you cannot sell them alone or as part of a package of photos for the sole purpose of selling or giving away photos.  You cannot package them up in any other bundle of images for sale or to even give away.  My photos must not be redistributed from anywhere else in any shape or form for the purpose of photo distribution (like another photo download website).

If you want to do anything other than the rules i listed above, contact me from the contact form… we can talk :)

That’s about it for the rules or terms of use.   There’s not really that much I ask for.  If you agree with the rules above, have at it.

If you like the free stock photos I supply for you and you want to help out, write a post or article about my puckettspages.com site and point people here with a link in the post or article.  It’s not required at all,  but it helps get other people to discover my photos and helps bring traffic to my site for other people to discover.   Since I’m not really making any money off of the photos per se’, I make any site supporting monies from the advertising on the site so send me as many people as you can :) . It takes time and money to host lots of stock photos for you to use and any support pays the website bills and keeps it running.

Thanks for visiting PuckettsPages.comdoug-small-photo

Douglas Puckett

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